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Embracing our future, by honoring our past ...

Alert: Due to the COVID-19 situation - all in-person San Diego Lodge No. 35 events are suspended until further notice. Please contact the Lodge Secretary for any questions.

Masons of California COVID-19 Updates

Master's Welcome

Thank you for visiting the San Diego Lodge No. 35 F. & A.M. of the State of California webpage. Our lodge has over 170 years of Masonic history in San Diego and was very instrumental in the formation of the fledgling city back in the 1850’s. We are extremely proud of this heritage, which is one of the oldest and largest lodges in California.

Consistent with this our 100 In For $100 Plus ccampaign recognizes the first 100 Brothers and Ladies to donate $100 or more through the Lodge in support of San Diego Lodge No. 35's committment to Let's Write the Future. Visit the 100 In For $100 Plus page for more information.

The San Diego 35 Philanthropic Fund is to fund individual and community projects consistent with Masonic Principals and benefitting the San Diego metropolitan region.

Please visit our information page for more details.

Together we will accomplish great things!

Dave Vassall
Master, San Diego Lodge No. 35