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Embracing our future, by honoring our past ...

100 In For $100 Plus

This is a campaign to recognize the first 100 Brothers and Ladies to donate $100 or more through the Lodge in support of San Diego Lodge No. 35's committment to Let's Write the Future. Remember, for our lodge to be recognized for the contribution, your donation must come through our lodge. Additionally, your donations, will be recognized in the Master Mason and you'll be added to the 2019 Leader Board for the San Diego Lodge No. 35 100 In For $100 Campaign.

Within this drive, we will also be recognizing different donation levels

  • Bronze     : $100 up to $499
  • Silver       : $500 up to $999
  • Gold         : $1000 up to $4,999
  • Platinum : $5000 plus
Remember, your donations must be through our lodge for San Diego Lodge No. 35 to be recognized for their support of Let's Write the Future.

Donating is easy. Simply contact our Lodge Secretary with a check or donate safely and securely online below using our online PayPal option.

$100 - Bronze

$500 - Silver

$1,000 - Gold

$5,000 - Platinum

Custom Amount

PayPal Acceptance Mark

We are extremely grateful to all of you who have already lent their support and effort to raise money for this important endeavor.

2020 Donors

⬤  Bronze     ⬤  Silver     ⬤  Gold     ⬤  Platinum    

Dale Bergen, PM Jo Jo Quimpo, PM Donald Webb
Esequiel Sanchez, PM James Helt Chuck Makray
Martin Rush John Crago, PM Colin McInnes
Dave Vassall Hiram Abiff, PGM William Lopez
Mel Stein, PGM David Murray Mark Doubleday, PM
Roberto Saucedo Jay Sener, PM Gerald WInstanley, PM

2019 Donors

⬤  Bronze     ⬤  Silver     ⬤  Gold     ⬤  Platinum    

Dale Bergen, PM Gerry Craft Cindy Sener
Jay Sener, PM Austin Swank Mark Doubleday, PM
Gary Creason, PM Roberto Saucedo Richard Dale
Richard Fisher Jo Jo Quimpo, PM Chuck Makray
Peter Newman Katie Thornton Mohamad Yassin
Duane Rankin Donald Webb Hiram Abiff
Rosemary McClary Gerald Winstanley, PM Nancy Delfo
Esequiel Sanchez, PM Pat Hickock David Vassall
Idy and Michael Thibodeaux, PM Mike George Michael Stelmach
Randy Brill, PM Mel Stein, PGM Eric Montgomery
Jonathan Robles John Goodloe, PM Martin Rush
Oscan Armond Dennis Brown Colin McInnes
Eric Dodds Jubalum Michael Randall
John Coffin Melinda Seubert Henry Pailles
Richard Bullard, PM Chris Natwick John Crago, PM
Gene Yee Alberto Castillo Eric Abbott
Eduardo Gonzalez Margarito Alvarado Michael Dainer

2018 Donors

⬤  Bronze     ⬤  Silver     ⬤  Gold     ⬤  Platinum    

Roy Peich Peter Newman William Makray
Jay Sener Esequiel, Sanchez, PM Austin Swank
Roberto Saucedo Donald Webb Dale Bergen, PM
Dennis Brown Richard Dale Gerry Craft
Eric Montgomery Ted Hauta Larry Barrick
Kurtis Smith Andre Gamrasni Randy Brill, PM
Oscan Armond Gregory Flores Donald Heath
David Berman John Crago, PM John Goodloe, PM
John Schneidmiller Edward Struiksma Katie Thornton
Briones Bartolome Mel Stein, MW John Ford PM
Robert Eichelberger Richard Bullard, PM Michael Abdou
Mark Hawks Colin McInnes John Balistrieri
Eugene Yee Alberto Castillo Eric Abbott
Eduardo Gonzalez Margarito Alvarado David Vassall
John Villasenor Mark Suycott Nelson Murray
Gary Creason, PM Gerald Winstanley, PM Michael Lancaster, PM
Cindy Sener Michael George Ted Jarrard, PM
Nancy Delfo Charles Webb Rosemary McClary
Craig Santos James Helt Clarence Bowen
Mark Doubleday, PM Howard Antle Martin Rush
Serene Hung Steve Garsson Richard Fisher
Alin Worley Lee Plastik, PM Jonathan Robles

Fraternally and sincerely,

Austin Swank